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Article - Coagulate_cluster

Coagulate Cluster or...

The Dust Bunny is an open research item available for any input or comments.

Dust Bunny - Coagulate Cluster

We will present here competing theories as to the reason for the cluster to coagulate. It is not yet definitive as to what is the main energy of binding. The misnomer that it is static electricity will be proven wrong as proposed by TJ GINN who suggests that though static electricity may contribute to the force pushing the entities together and he emphasizes push, the binding force is mechanical interlocking of items and he theorizes that spider webs are instrumental in this link.

Future articles will produce research that ties back to his Treatise, 'Perihelion Engineering' that discusses modulus equations and discounts the so called 'magic attractive forces', to all forces being reduced to 'push, not pull'

Here are magnified views of the cluster.

Follow along for future continuation of this article as we identify all the constituent entities that make-up the cluster.