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TJ Ginn's challenge -

Einstein is wrong - Space is nothing and you cannot expand nothing. Energy is not an entity and only exists as mass potential or kinetic. The universe is infinite and had no beginning. The red shift is due to light not being fundamental and its velocity varies relative to the rise time of the wavelet. Phase velocity does not exist. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet as well as infra-red and cosmic frequencies all travel at different speeds, thus the mis-observation.

The Dark Matter Gravitational Constant per Element

Gc - Gravitational Constant, g*cm3 grams per cubic centimeter, n^n number of atoms per cubic centimeter Gc = the weight of one atom per element in question.

Dark Matter vector field is the ratio of the nucleus volume to the atoms total volume where the nucleus is the volume of a sphere and the atomic volume is the volume of a cube or pseudo-hexagon

Correction 1/30/2023 previous equation did not display properly


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TJ Ginn responds to Fox News article

on the age of the universe being

1.2 billion years younger

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  • Starring: Jeremy Piven
  •  Dr. Steven Greer 
  •  Daniel Sheehan , et al.
  • Directed by: Michael Mazzola

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Professor Brainstein gets protested in DC

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The Science of Dust Bunnies or

Coagulate Clusters

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Plasma Flame - YouTubeVideo

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